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Who we are at Horton's TV and Electronics?

Horton's TV and Electronics was first established as a TV and Electronics retailer and service repair center over 30 years ago in the quaint town of Pangburn, AR. In 2002, we expanded operations to include Dish Network installations and service. With the advancements in technologies, opportunities arise that are advantageous for businesses. In 2007, we became a broadband Internet service provider for the surrounding areas of Pangburn, Heber Springs, Ida, Letona, Wilburn and Hopewell. Future areas that we will be expanding our high-speed Internet services in the near future include Pryor Mountain, Little River, and Hickory Flat.

Why Choose Horton's TV and Electronics for your Internet provider?

Supporting a local company means supporting the local economy. With the large corporations continuing to outsource jobs at a disturbing rate, it seems sensible to keep money in the local economy. Do business with a local small business, rather than a global conglomerate.

What are the advantages of Horton's TV and Electronics for your Internet provider?

Firstly, phone lines are not required with our high-speed Internet service; however if a person should want a home phone, our Internet service is compatible with Vonage, Magic Jack and other VoIP providers.

Secondly, watching the latest movie releases is not a problem. On demand Internet streaming media such as Netflix and Hulu allow you to view your favorite movies from the comfort of your home.

Finally and most importantly as a new customer, we do not require a customer to be obligated to a contract. That's right, NO CONTRACTS! There will be no worries about getting a service that may not suit your needs. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our high speed Internet service by not only offering a contact-free service but a 30 day full money back guarantee on new installations. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Hortons TV and Electronics
403 Searcy Street
Pangburn, AR 72121